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Three methods to identify new and old diesel engines
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Three methods to identify new and old diesel engines

For the new factory diesel engine, users can be assured to buy home use, but for the second-hand diesel engine, the identification of its new and old degree, is a very demanding knowledge. Because the old diesel engine's new and old degree determines the price level, then how can we identify its new and old degree? In fact, we can take one question, two look, three tries, try to carry on the main method.

Q: It is to inquire about the purchase time, use and reasons for the diesel engine, the repair situation and the main parts of the replacement, some problems in the use, etc., in order to have a more comprehensive understanding of the machine.

Two look: is the first to see whether the model is obsolete, and then from the appearance of the new diesel engine level, and finally to see whether the parts are complete, there is no damage.

Three tries: is the test machine, the concrete step is:

1, up and down the flywheel, such as no sound, no obvious shaking, that the crankshaft spindle neck and the gap between the bush is not large; rotating flywheel, such as no sound, indicating that the crankshaft link between the axle neck and the rod tile wear is not serious.

2, so that the cylinder decompression, rotating crankshaft, when the removal of decompression, such as the rebound force of the Pistons, flywheel rapid rotation, indicating that the cylinder liner, piston, piston ring wear less. At this time the oil pressure gauge reading should not be less than 1 or oil pressure indicator red buoy can rise quickly, hand pressure buoy should be laborious.

3, starting diesel engine is relatively easy, exhaust colorless or light gray, stable speed, no noise, then the technical state of the diesel engine is good.

4, crank the crankshaft, so that fuel injection pump, such as the fuel injection nozzle to emit crisp sound, indicating that the plunger pair and nozzle performance is still good, such as the gear Room no abnormal sound, indicating that the gear wear is not serious.
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